Switch Supplier

Compare water suppliers and find out if you could save money and get a better service by switching. It’s quicker and easier than you might think, and typically takes less than a month to complete the process. Scroll down to our list of water suppliers below to find out more.

New connection

If you’re constructing a new property or site, you’ll need to set up a new water connection. England on Tap provides a useful overview of each of the suppliers in the market, helping you to make an informed decision on the right supplier for you. If you’ve simply moved premises, you don’t need a new connection, but you can switch water suppliers if you like.

Suppliers Hub

Below is a list of some of the suppliers you can choose to provide your water. You can complete our registration form to ask one, or all of the suppliers, to get in touch with you. Changing your supplier is quick and easy and all non-household customers, regardless of their sector, size or water usage can switch water supplier.

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From April 2017 nearly all non household customers in England will be able to choose the retailer which provides their water and wastewater services. You can choose to have one retailer for your water supply and another for wastewater services or just have one for both. As well as giving choice, it is expected that a range of benefits will arise for non-household customers. If your premises are used only for business and your existing supplier of water and/or wastewater services is based in England, it is likely you will be eligible to switch from April 2017

If you want more information on the new market and how it works go to: