If you’re a non-household customer looking to switch water supplier, compare water suppliers, or you need a new connection, England On Tap is the right place for you.

England on Tap will provide you with all the information you need in order to help you make the right choice of water supplier.

How Does Competition in the Water Industry Affect Me?

On 1st April 2017 the English Water Market will open for competition. Non-household customers including small, medium and large businesses, charities and non-profit organisations can choose the water supplier that best meets their needs. This can result in:

Lower Water Prices England On Tap

Lower water and sewage prices

Improved Water Services England On Tap

Improved Services

Greater Efficiency England On Tap

Greater water efficiency

Water Innovation England On Tap

More innovation in the industry

Changing Water Supplier or Setting up a New Connection

Reduced Water Bills England on Tap

Reduced Water Bills

Better Water Service England On Tap

Better Service

Help Advice England on Tap

Helpful Advice

Save Water Bills England On Tap

Save Money

Changing water supplier, or setting up a new water connection, is easier than you might think and generally takes less than a month from start to finish. You might wish to change water supplier for any one of a number of reasons – perhaps you’d like to reduce water bills, get better service from your water supplier, or get advice from your water supplier on using less water to help save money.

England on Tap allows you to request information from the water suppliers you are interested in and then the ones that best meet your needs. In most cases the water suppliers will contact you directly when you have chosen to receive information about their services.

Who Supplies My Water

Perhaps you’re reading all about how to change water supplier and potentially reduce your water bills but you’re unsure who your current supplier is.

If you’re asking yourself “who supplies my water?”, you have a few options:

Consult You Latest Water Bills England On Tap

Consult your latest bill

Find A Historical Bill England On Tap

Find a historical bill

Ready to find a new supplier?